What we do?

We provide affordable and custom services to our clients, freeing them from mundane tasks whilst saving resourcing and taxation costs.

We have helped our clients increase productivity and grow their businesses by taking away things which we do well.

We know every business is different, so we allocate dedicated resource to learn the tasks you need support with leaving you to focus on other activities.

About Us

Virtual Clone was founded in 2009 to address a growing talent and employment problem in Central India with a social and ethical premise from the outset.

Based in Bhilai, a traditionally manufacturing city with mainly blue-collar employment, Vipul recognised that many talented people were unable to find good career opportunities locally leading to unemployment or long-distance relocation. Most of the local talent being lost to the major overcrowded tech hub cities with high levels of pollution. This in turn forced the family unit to be divided for long periods.

Recognising the issue and believing Bhilai to be a good place for young people and families to live and prosper, he took on the ambitious challenge of setting up Virtual Clone to provide the local talent with developing meaningful careers rather than short-term employment.

Virtual Clone aimed to provide decent and long-term career paths for those looking for office-based roles and undertook partnering with several technologies and services and developed comprehensive training courses for the company. This in turn transformed and developed the talent into leading class employees who could help SMEs transform and thrive.

Virtual Clone was the first company in Bhilai to change working standards for employees from the traditional 6-day week to 5 days and to map these to match those of its clients.

The Result

From just 1 employee in 2009 to about 100 in 2018, we have grown exponentially to support UK and Australian SMEs to thrive whilst delivering world class employment opportunities locally in India. We have now attracted people who were once working in the largest Indian Technology hubs and top global companies to work for us because of the wonderful all encompassing life / work balance we promote and the great living environment that Bhilai provides.

We invest our profits back into recruiting more talent and growing our service and we are proud to be working with so many wonderfully diverse and fantastic companies.

If you want to make a difference whilst making a difference to others, try us for free and see how a Virtual Clone can transform your business to one which works for you rather than you working for it!