As in any other business, ethics are also integral to virtual assistance. Ethical business practices enable successful functioning of the business in the long term. Though not engraved on a piece of paper, basic morals of all businesses are same.

Virtual assistants should maintain honesty while dealing with prospects, clients and colleagues. A high standard of behaviour with different business entities is necessary. He/she should value all clients equally. Professionalism in work and behaviour both is important. All the client information should be handled with strict confidentiality. It should not be used for personal profits.

A virtual assistant should not undertake any project beyond his/her capabilities. Instead a suitable virtual assistant should be suggested for such work. Similarly skills and abilities should not be misrepresented. Willingness to learn and upgrade one’s knowledge and skills is critical to virtual assistant’s business.  Knowingly one must never indulge in any unethical practice.

Ethical business is responsibility of both the virtual assistant as well as the client. Proper background checks and monitoring at regular intervals is essential for ethical business practices.