Engaging someone from Virtual Clone will be like hiring a person in your local office, except they work virtually. We prefer to provide a dedicated resource, who will be working for you working for you on a full-time basis.

This way the DR is able to learn and adapt to your requirement like permanent team members do and deliver better results. You can speak to them as and when you like, and the team leaders are always around if you need to escalate something.


01. Share your requirements

Client finds the activity that needs to be outsourced.

02. Requirement Analysis

Analysis is done to understand the key deliverables.

03. Assigning a Dedicated Resource

Within a week a DR is assigned to the client.

04. Creating a plan

DR is responsible for understanding your hiring requirements & then creating a plan for you based on your priorities.

05. Strong backend support

DR is ably supported by our specialist backend teams based.

06. Daily updates and transparent communication

07. Monthly review