Engaging someone from Virtual Clone is like hiring someone in your local office, except they work virtually. We provide a dedicated resource (DR model) who works for you full-time.

This way, the employee learns and adapts to your requirements like a permanent team member, delivering better results. You can speak to them as and when you like, and the team leaders are always around if you need to escalate something.

What is the Dedicated Resource (DR) model?

The Dedicated Resource model is a staffing approach commonly used in outsourcing and project management scenarios. In this model, a specific resource or a team of resources is assigned exclusively to work on a client’s project or tasks full-time. This means the assigned resource(s) is dedicated to serving the client’s needs for the project or contract.

Benefits of the Dedicated Resource (DR) model

The right outsourcing model is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their operations and achieve their goals efficiently. This is one such model that offers a range of advantages.

Let’s explore five key benefits of the Dedicated Resource model and how they can positively impact your organization.

1. Focus on Your Project

The team members only work on your project with the Dedicated Resource (DR) model. This means they will pay attention to getting your job done well.

2. Knows Your Business Well

The team members get to know your business well. They understand how you work and what you need, so they give you precisely what you want.

3. Change Team Size Easily

You can easily change the number of team members working on your project. If you need more help, you can add more people. If you need less, you can reduce the team size. It’s very flexible.

4. Work Together Better

Because the team is dedicated to your project, they work closely with your team. This helps everyone understand each other better and work together more smoothly.

5. Save Money

Using the DR model can save you money. Instead of hiring and managing your team, you only pay for the services of dedicated resources when needed. This can be a more affordable option.


01. Share your requirements

Client finds the activity that needs to be outsourced.

02. Requirement Analysis

Analysis is done to understand the key deliverables.

03. Assigning a Dedicated Resource

Within a week a DR is assigned to the client.

04. Creating a plan

DR is responsible for understanding your hiring requirements & then creating a plan for you based on your priorities.

05. Strong backend support

DR is ably supported by our specialist backend teams based.

06. Daily updates and transparent communication

07. Monthly review