If you have been running a business for a long time, you would know that your project manager gets a lot of free time even after he/she is done with the work. You still have to pay for that time when your project manager has no work to do too. Have you ever thought of someone whom you could pay only for the time he/she spent for your work? If you nodded, then you probably thought of a virtual assistant.

Go on to hire a virtual assistant as project manager. You can assign him/her the task and forget about the wasted hours to be paid for. Your virtual assistant will work for you, and get you better and bigger projects, without you having to bother about it. Since virtual assistants are not full-time employees, they always walk that extra mile for the job.

Select a good virtual assistant who has strong communication skills and good marketing skills as well. He/she will ensure that you have the best projects. With such projects and also paying the virtual assistant only for the hours he/she worked, will also leave your pockets heavier. After all, why should you pay more for the same work?