Research is a very important part of any business plan and helps a business owner make the right decisions which play an important part in day to day affairs. Unfortunately, because most business owners are really tight on time, they try doing a bit of web research after office hours or may pass on the task of collecting data to an employee. However, here’s the catch 22 problem that the Internet presents- on one hand, it opens the door to so much of information but how do you know which information is correct and which is false?

That’s why hiring a Virtual Clone, who has ample experience in web research along with possessing the skills required to do a first- class job, makes so much of sense. Retrieving data, analysing it first, compiling the data to make sense and writing an unbiased report of observations are a part of a virtual assistant’s job. Why settle for an expensive data research agency which will hand you a hefty fee at the end of the job, when you can hire a professional with the same level of expertise at a much lower rate? Since your VA will report to you online, it means that as a client, you are assured of mails and project updates on a regular basis. Our Virtual Assistants can help you with-

  • Market Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Product and lead generation research
  • Conduct Internet research and collect data for white papers or business proposals
  • Collect and analyse any other data
  • Make analytical diagrams, pie-charts etc

With our virtual assistant to help you get the right data that matters, you don’t have to worry about quality and meeting deadlines. In fact, she could be working on your project right now as you sleep soundly in bed! Isn’t it time you got a virtual clone too?