Starting your own business venture and leaving behind the comfort of a day job is never an easy decision to make. There are always a 100 little details that need to be looked into at the earliest and sometimes running around trying to hold everything together can be tiresome. A Virtual assistant to help you in such times is definitely a blessing.

When you are still trying to gain a foothold in your venture, the last thing you want to do is to add to your expenses. Hiring a new employee to take care of responsibilities may work out to be a more expensive proposition than you imagines. But consider the reverse scenario- getting the help and expertise of a person who is available at fixed times during the day to help answer your mails, complete pending work on files, put together a business proposal, plan a marketing campaign or fix meetings for you can leave you with more time for much more important things.

What should you keep in mind before actually hiring a Virtual Assistant?

a)     Have a clear idea about what you want the VA to help you with. Overburdening a VA can lead to botched up results.

b)    Get the details clear by discussing important parameters such as when do you want the VA to work for you, her hourly rate, her time zone as well as the estimated time for completion of the project.

c)     Don’t simply handover confidential details about your venture to a person you met online just two days back. Doing a thorough reference check and asking for a resume is important. It gives you an idea as to what you can expect from hiring the VA.

d)    Draw up some form of a contract with the terms and conditions clearly outlined. Make sure that you have ownership rights over any content and work generated and that details of your project are not shared with anybody else.

e)     It’s a good idea to give your newly hired VA small tasks to complete at first. Depending on her capabilities and project completion date, you can then assign more important tasks later.

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