As an entrepreneur, ensuring that you keep your customers happy and generating business is just one part of the job. Keeping a tight hold on your financial resources and possessing clear accounts of how much is spent where is also an important aspect of running a business. Although, you may find it easy to maintain a hand-written copy of your financial records, it pays to have a professional virtual assistant take care of your accounting & book-keeping aspects.

When you hire one of Virtual Clone’s expert Virtual Secretaries to help take care of the financial concerns of your organization, you are assured of prompt service that is both accurate and which is delivered within a quick turnaround time. With our virtual secretary  by your side to assist you, you will be in a position to check the financial health of your company on a daily, weekly or quarterly basis. Our virtual assistants will keep you updated on a regular basis besides undertaking any other finance related task you request or giving you advice on any financial aspect. Our virtual assistants are well-trained to render the following services:

a)     Financial Services

–       Petty cash management.

–       Account servicing & reconciliation.

–       Sales, Vendor Purchase Orders, Customer Purchase Orders Management

–       Year end computation of Sales & other taxes.

–       Creation of monthly, quarterly budget.

–       Inventory Management.

–       Business Plan Proposal & Development

–       Creating Spreadsheets, pie-charts, graphics or other data compilation.

b)    Book-keeping

–       Maintaining accounts in excel sheet.

–       Cash flow records

–       Bank & credit reconciliation records.

–       Balance Sheet Management.

–       Any other specific records.

Our virtual assistants are trained to work with a number of accounting software such as Tally, QuickBooks, Peach tree etc. Virtual Clone is here to take care of all your financial worries. Get in touch with us today for a highly competitive quote!