Virtual Assistants are often hired to do a variety of web researches. Depending upon the subject of research, it can at times be quite difficult to find the right information on web. But if you have correct strategy in place life can be a lot easier. Here are some simple tips from a web research pro:

  • Before starting with research use tools like Google Keyword Selection Tool or Yahoo Overture to find the right keywords.
  • Don’t just stick to Google, use different search engines. This may sound obvious but often researches just stick to Google and forget others. All the top search engines have their own indexing algorithm and results may vary a lot from one search engine to another.
  • Understand how Advanced Search works and use it to filter search results, this can save a lot of time. With Google you can use inulr:, filetype:pdf , site:vitual-office-assistant for advanced searching.
  • Make best use of social media. Sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo can be used extensively when doing research related to people, like finding professionals, doing reference check for someone etc.
  • Don’t just browse, read. This is the most important part of any research. An attentive, careful reading can add a lot of quality to your research. Be Mindful 🙂