The term ‘virtual’ means working remotely. Thus many believe that since Virtual Office Assistants are working from home to do tasks for others they are by definition Virtual Assistants. But there is more meaning to the term.

A Virtual Office Assistant or Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, technical and/or creative services. A VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office or home on a contractual basis. These professionals use technologically advanced modes of communication & data delivery.


Their business is to understand the business of the client & grow along with it. To form an absolute relationship with the client is what they aim at. They set their own hours of operations, their own rates, do their own marketing & decide which clients they want to do business with.

Several benefits of hiring a Virtual Office Assistant have led to a sudden upsurge in their numbers. Along with a good finished product, good service is what would distinguish an effective & an efficient Virtual Office Assistant.