Many organizations are seeking a Virtual Office Assistant rather than hiring an employee. A rise in the number of VAs is obvious by the valuable business benefits of hiring them.

Business benefits of hiring a Virtual Office Assistant

Economical- Absence of taxes, insurance costs, medical benefits, training, vacation, sick time, office space, equipment, holidays, other overhead costs and also the direct cost of hiring an employee (salary) significantly reduce the cost factor, making it economical to hire a Virtual Office Assistant.

Time on task- You pay only for “Time on task” or by project and not for inefficiencies. The productive time & resources are only paid for, further reducing business costs.

Save time- Routine administrative paperwork takes a lot of time in a business. A Virtual Office Assistant at your service would reduce this time tremendously.

Efficiency improvement- You can offload your work on a Virtual Office Assistant and concentrate on other necessary tasks of your business. This would improve efficiency of your organization manifold resulting in a concentrated and uninterrupted work output.

Professional relationship- A Virtual Office Assistant learns & understands your business and in your success lies his, thus making the relationship very professional.