new_office_furnitureVirtual assistants work from a distant location. Therefore selecting a virtual assistant needs meticulous judgements. It is important to check the basic infrastructure available with them.

Following is a checklist of the basics of a virtual assistant office-


PC/ laptop

Luxury of a time, computers are a necessity today. One computer per person should be available.


Internet connection/ broadband

The virtual presence of the virtual assistant is seen only through the net. Most of the computers in a virtual assistant’s office should have a net connection.



In the era of the internet, telephones have still retained their importance. One telephone is mandatory in a virtual assistant’s office.

Work space

Most of the virtual assistants work from their home offices. They can also work from a shared office or an exclusive office. A definite work place also gives a postal address in case important documents are to be posted to them.


Fax machine at the work place is an added advantage for the business.

Apart from above basic requirements the virtual assistant can have many office luxuries. They can add to the convenience of work. But the professionalism of work does not necessitate them.