The client and virtual assistant both benefit from a written agreement. Thus a specific contract should always be signed in before getting into business.

There are different types of contracts you can sign with a virtual assistant. A suitable contract can be entered into depending on the nature of work.

Hourly contracts

Virtual assistants are paid on per hour basis. This contract is beneficial when the client wants to outsource some work either once or occasionally.

Pre project contracts

When the client needs a virtual assistant for one project or per project basis, this contract is a good option. The scope of the work, estimated time for project completion, costs and other terms (if any) should be defined before entering into contract.

Retainer contracts

The client can also pay a retainer to the virtual assistant. This is especially useful if one wants to maintain a long term relationship. In this type of contract, type of services provided and number of hours should be clearly defined. This is beneficial for the virtual assistant as he/she is assured of a steady income every month. The clients also benefit as they know virtual assistant will be available for specific number of hours.