The term ‘outsourcing’ often carries a negative connotation but because the world itself is shrinking in terms of boundaries every day, corporations on a global scale are waking up to the number of opportunities that outsourcing brings. While many of us today accept that outsourcing is actually good in many ways, we may think ten times before outsourcing day to day work to a virtual assistant. After all, do you really need one when you have a team of employees already working for you?

Let’s analyse the number of benefits that hiring a virtual assistant can bring-

  • Any good business owner is keen to cut costs as long as productivity remains the same or increases. Outsourcing work to a virtual assistant means that you don’t have to hire more full-time employees on your payroll, and you can get the same work done at a much more competitive rate.
  • Unlike the other investments required for employees such as purchase of office furniture, training, holiday pay and insurance, you won’t need to incur such indirect costs for a virtual assistant. And, no excuses about feeling unwell or long vacations either!
  • Since your staffing costs are already at a minimum, you can choose to hire more talent which gives you an unbeatable edge over the competition.
  • If your business requires more staff during certain times of the year, a few virtual assistants are just what you need. You can choose to pay per hour or negotiate a fixed rate contract, thus giving you the flexibility to adjust your HR needs all throughout the year.
  • A virtual assistant, who works in a different time zone from yours, helps your business to establish a firm international presence in global markets.

Virtual Clone is here to help you reap all the benefits of outsourcing to a virtual assistant. We guarantee that you will love the results!