A virtual assistant is a real blessing in disguise. Not only is she a skilled professional who can provide a wide range of services, but hiring one can make all the difference to your organization because the services of a VA are available round the clock, at highly competitive rates. At Virtual Clone, we work hard to ensure that you get a virtual assistant who matches your requirements perfectly and who can help you with a range of general administration activities such as –

a)    Data Entry: If you find organizing your contacts tedious, your virtual assistant can help speed things up. Just let her know how you prefer to have your contact list arranged and she will organize them in an easy to understand manner.

b)    Managing your e-mail: Why waste time sorting through hundreds of emails and spam mails when you can use that time to focus on your business? Let your VA filter your emails for you and sort them into individual folders. Now, all you have to do is to check the folder which has all your important emails. If you wish, you could also ask your VA to forward your must-read mails to another account. Your VA can also proof read any written correspondences and send e-mails on your behalf if required, to your contacts.

c)    Miscellaneous: Your VA would be more than glad to help you plan and organise dinners and events. If you are planning a party, your VA can send out invitations to your guests on your behalf and take care of any other party arrangements as well. Why go through the hassle of looking for great online holiday package deals during office hours when your VA is available can take care of that for you?

Give Virtual Clone a call today, to find out how our virtual assistants can help you in your business!