If you run an online business, you know the hassles of looking after the hundred little details only too well. You have client orders to keep track of, purchased items to courier, a website to maintain regularly, mails to reply to, invoices to make and payments to receive. Although running your own business gives you a sense of independence and accomplishment, handling everything on your own can get a tad too tiring. So, if you work out of your home and are not comfortable with the thought of hiring a team of employees just yet, is there a solution round the corner?

Yes, there is. A virtual assistant is just what you need to help you run the show efficiently and without missing a deadline. Here’s the best part- even if an employee demands to have an individual cabin with a computer and a reliable Internet connection, your VA will make no such demands on your time and money. That’s because she will report to you online through phone and e-mail, and not in person. Since our virtual assistants are well-equipped to handle any kind of general administration work, database management, accounting and web research, you can assign all kinds of work to her or even hire more than one virtual assistant to assist you. Need a batch of invoices to be ready by 9am? No problem! Your VA will get the work done at a time that you choose be it day or night.

Virtual Clone is here to help make your life so much easier and without making a dent in your wallet. With a range of value added services to offer, hiring a virtual assistant offers you so many benefits that shouldn’t be missed. Mail us today to find a virtual assistant who matches your requirements perfectly!