What is a database? It refers to a comprehensive collection of data records, files, contacts and essentially any kind of data that is vital for your business. Although, most business owners are great in handling multiple clients and sales, database management is often an overlooked aspect in most organizations. On the other hand, if your database of information is properly organized and easy to analyse, you could be holding a wealth of information in your hands.

We understand that as a business owner, there are much more important responsibilities to look after. However, a virtual secretary with ample time and experience on her hands can help to sort out your contacts, client details and other must-know information based on your client’s demographic location, product inventory, amount of business generated from each client, pending orders etc. In fact, a online secretary can neatly organize any data for you based on the filters that you choose to have. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could access your online or offline database and get any information or statistic that you want in less than a minute. Besides setting up your database for you, our VA’s can also-

–       Design and maintain your database as and when required.

–       Enter customer names, demographic details and other information.

–       Create reports with regard to clients for a specific time period such as products purchased and revenue generated.

–       Create any statistical reports, pie- charts and graphs.

–       Processing and updating of any new data.

Once your database is updated and organised properly by your virtual assistant, you’ll feel a big difference in the way you view important data again. In fact, you’ll find that your productivity at work will also increase because you’ll have ready to view reports which reflect the health of your business. Give Virtual Clone a call and we’ll get one of our virtual assistants to help you today!