We all know that the whole virtual working is based on internet. Whether it’s staying in touch with the client over email / IM, answering and making phone calls over VIOP, managing documents using online document library like googledocs or using a CRM system, a Virtual Office Assistant is relying on the internet all the time. And therefore the type of internet connection can have a big impact on your working.

Here are a few tips on what kind of internet connection you should have:

  • Go for the fastest possible broadband connection, at least 8mbps. Anything below that will adversely affect your productivity and will intrun result in lower earnings, so no real saving there.
  • Select a reliable provider and inquire about the experiences of other in your locality about the same provider. Also get an idea of their technical support because you never know when you will get stuck somewhere and will need immediate technical help. Do not choose a provider which doesn’t offer 24/7 technical support.
  • Always have a backup connection. We struggled a bit without a backup connections initially. In general the internet connections are quite reliable, but they do go down occasionally. The ideal back connection would be a wireless / 3G connection, if you are using a wired connection as your main connection.
  • Never use a wireless connection as your main connection. A wireless connection is good as a backup, but they usually have high latency and low speed.
  • And last but not the least, put the router on UPS. Power fluctuations can affect the router badly and you may end up spending a lot of hours troubleshooting the issue.

We do stick to above tips always, and that is why our clients say, we are super reliable :).