Our services for recruitment agencies and HR professionals include:

Recruitment Research

Tired of looking through heaps of resumes and interviewing the same candidates who you know aren’t a good fit for the roles you have trying to fill in? Have you ever wondered of doing something different to have a competitive edge in a very tight market? If the answer is yes, then Virtual Clone is here to help you solve all your recruitment dilemmas in a very unique manner. Who would have thought that social networking sites were actually a huge pool of talent just waiting to be tapped? Or that business networking sites were more than just for staying in touch with old colleagues? You’d be surprised to learn that most people who join such sites, are on the lookout for better job opportunities as well. At Virtual Clone, we go one step beyond most other recruitment firms and job sites by searching for the best ideal prospective employees on such networking sites. Here’s how it works:

  • You give us your candidate specifications. For instance, you could tell us about the current vacancies available, about any specific criteria your candidate should fulfil or any other information with regard to the job.
  • Keeping your parameters in mind, our research experts sift through tons of profiles available online on multiple networking sites.
  • We shortlist those profiles that we think are a good fit for your firm and by employing various research techniques & tools, we note down any contact information available such as email addresses and contact numbers etc.
  • As a client, you get details of every shortlisted profile which include the name, current designation, current firm of employment and available contact details of the candidate.

Virtual Clone currently addresses the research requirements of executive research firms based in Australia and UK only. Our comprehensive high-end online research tools help us to filter the best prospective job candidates for you, thereby enhancing your business.

Employee Mapping

Employee Mapping process simply entails making a proper estimate of the candidate talent pool through the adoption of specific methodologies and other tools. This sort of mapping may best benefit organizations that want to:

  • Simply have an idea of the overall job market itself. Some organizations may use the information obtained to poach at a later stage or may simply create a databank of candidates who are already employed in a specific job position.
  • Recruit at a later stage. By having such information in hand, the organization will be in a better position to negotiate a pay package at the time of an actual meeting. Besides, they may also have a number of prospective employees to consider for one job role at that time.
  • Enter a new market. Many organizations refer to employee mapping to enable them to make better staffing decisions especially before opening a new office, retail outlet or branch.

An employee market map usually includes the following information:

  • In-depth details about the team structure and individual employee profiles in specific organizations or that of the competition itself. This kind of information helps in corporate re-structuring of the entire team as well.
  • Such maps also provide direct contact details of prospective candidates so that organizations can approach them directly with a job offer. Other data such as top employees, recognised managers, rising stars or potential stars can also be included.
  • A map can be made based on different parameters. For example, some organizations may desire such details from local markets whereas global brands may seek such information from a much larger global market.  Such a report can help one understand staffing trends, challenges and many other aspects as well.
  • A review of the entire sector itself which allows an organization to make certain decisions with regard to department wise or company wise expansion. It allows a company to analyse if any such growth plans are likely to work or fail in the current market scenario.

Setting Up and Maintaining Candidate Management Systems

We can setup and maintain a comprehensive Candidate Management Systems which will help you to:


  • Collect resumes from your site and job boards like Simply Hired, Indeed and Juju
  • Add contacts as candidates from Outlook and Google Apps
  • Reduce resume processing time with Resume parsing tool


  • Reach large number of applicants with just one click
  • Communicate with Clients and Candidates from the within the system and record all communications
  • Schedule and track interviews & events


  • Search candidates quickly
  • Categorize jobs, candidates, clients and contacts using tags
  • Create custom workflows for your business needs


  • Get Clients and Contacts from Google Apps
  • Connect with Outlook
  • Import events to Google Calendar