Relationship management is central to the success of a business. Natural in the case of an employee, it is different with the virtual assistants.

Communication is the key to relationship management. Communication with virtual assistants is not in person. Use of different modes of communication nullifies the effect of body language.

Some tips to strengthen the relationship with your virtual assistant are as follows-


1) Frequent communication

One should try and communicate frequently with the virtual assistant. Communication is obvious when input is given and output is taken. But one can increase the frequency to communicate between the deadlines also.

2) Not a smooth ride

There are mismatched expectations and misunderstandings in this relationship also. Being objective and honest helps during these troubled times.

3) Know the person

Virtual assistants also have a personality which might or might not reflect in their work. Gradually try to understand the person you are dealing with.

4) Wishes and greetings

One can send greetings and good wishes to their virtual assistants on festivals or birthdays.