communicate-with-virtual-assistant1Communication is the key to all the relationships. The relationship of Virtual Assistant and his client is no exception. Virtual Assistants assist their clients from a remote location. Thus, optimum use of various modes of communication should be practiced.

Email is the easiest communication option available while working at different locations. Tasks can be delegated, doubts cleared and acknowledgements can be send at the convenience of a click. There is also an option of attaching a file, document or scanned copies of important documents.

Telephone still remains a more personalized medium of communication. Written words at times fail to explain what personal conversations can. Everybody is not excellent at written communication and thus it can lack clarity. Talking to your virtual Assistant on phone and hearing the quality or depth of his/ her voice can also enable you to estimate his/ her commitment towards work.

Instant Messenger is like a written series of conversations. When emails fail to explain the task or issue IM work great. While using IM both the parties are present at the screen and the messages can be exchanged instantly. This comes out to be a cheaper mode of communication than telephone.

Fax still remains the premium mode to exchange important documents and receipts.

Voice Over Instant Messenger is the new medium you can use to contact your Virtual Assistant. You make a call through the computer in this case. VOIM works out to be more effective than the written communication in few cases. Another advantage of this medium is that it’s very economical.

Whichever way you choose to communicate with your Virtual Assistant it is essential to communicate. Since that is the only medium of getting your work done properly. The results of effective communication can be a successful lifelong relationship with your Virtual Assistant.