Due to an upsurge in the virtual assistance business, various trainings and certifications have come up. Though not mandatory these add to the capabilities of a virtual assistant.

There are different opinions on whether a virtual assistant needs to be certified. Majority think that experience is core to virtual assistants. The richness of administrative experience plays a crucial role in hiring a virtual assistant. Performance and self motivation are detrimental which cannot be instilled through trainings and certifications.

There is a group of thought which mandates a virtual assistant to be certified. They think that certification adds to the capabilities of a virtual assistant. It inculcates professionalism in the aspiring virtual assistants. They believe that such certifications teach the basics to the service providers who in return deliver their best.

There are different types of certifications for virtual assistants. It ranges from preliminary to advanced levels. Professionals serious about starting their virtual assistance business can take up the advanced level certifications. Most of these are available online. One can complete the certifications along with the current occupation.

A virtual assistant provides a host of services to its clients. Trainings at regular intervals surely help in keeping up with the latest trends in the particular field. For example- a virtual assistant providing recruitment services can take up training in the same. This would help him keep abreast of the evolving technologies and trends in recruitment. Again not compulsory, such trainings add value to the performance of virtual assistants.

Ultimately trainings and certifications of a virtual assistant are a matter of personal choice. The services provided are also an important consideration. If a virtual assistant serves in a very dynamic field, continuous trainings upgrades the standards of his/her services. At the same time, mundane administrative tasks can be performed without professional trainings and certifications.