Business succeeds with successful team work. No individual works in isolation. Continuous information and ideas sharing and management are fundamental to performance and development. Meetings are thus crucial to any business.  Natural in case of a physical office, it is different with virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants work from a remote location. Thus meeting in person is not always possible. Use of technology enables to remove this communication barrier. There are different ways of holding business meetings with virtual assistants via the net.

Web conferencing is an asset for holding meetings with the individual at a distant location. It is useful in conducting Live presentations or group meetings over the net.   Two or more users can log at a particular time and can set up a very convenient online conversation. The amount of money this medium saves is incredible.

Video conferencing via internet is another option for conducting meetings with virtual assistants. A simple webcam is used to interact. One can see the other person via webcam. This visual arrangement enhances the experience of communication.
Apart from these typical media used for holding business meetings, different communication modes can be effectively used for information sharing. Emails, instant messengers, voice over instant messengers and telephones are simple to use.