Virtual Assistants are your business partners. They assist you in the effective and efficient growth of your business. Their selection thus is crucial to your organization’s future. Investment of some time, money and thought at the beginning of such a vital relationship will yield the potential profit.

Following should be the considerations while hiring a Virtual Assistant-

1. Website
Since Virtual Assistants operate virtually its important they have a website. A well thought and presented informative website determines the Virtual Assistant’s expertise. If the website is full of sloppy writing and improper grammar and punctuation do not expect professionalism from the concerned.

2. Consultation
Once the website instils confidence about the Virtual Assistant try and have a conversation with him/her.  You can use the website’s personal message board (if any), set up a phone call if possible or set up a video conference over Skype or using one of the free online conference sites. This initial conversation could help in clearing up many doubts and establishing a rapport with the prospective partner.

3. Budget
Virtual Assistants have a varied range of budget expectations. You have to find the one who best fits in yours. Consider your requirements and budget both while looking for the business partnership. Do not partner with the Virtual Assistant solely because he fits into the budget. That would be detrimental to your business.

4. Technology
Take a note of the common modes of communication that are being used by the prospect. These include: Internet, Email and Phone call conferences, Workspace and of course Fax machine. Be assured that these are at the optimum standards so that you are not making any compromise in your business. Technical evaluation of the facilities is one of the important factors affecting success in the call centre industry.

To be continued…