5. Professionalism
The professionalism in which the Virtual Assistant guides you through the first conversation is very essential in determining his attitude towards his work. Apart from skilled Virtual Assistant who can provide good service, you also need someone who exhibits brilliant business sense.

6. Experience
That’s the most important qualification a good Virtual Assistant has. Extensive administrative experience gives a Virtual Assistant an edge above the other service providers. From the level of experience, he or she is expected to possess the superior skills, training and business knowledge that are the hallmark of a truly qualified Virtual Assistant.

7. Training and Certifications
These add to the personal qualifications of the Virtual Assistant. Well trained and certified person is expected to have a dignified level of knowledge and expertise. But too much of importance to trainings and certifications of the Virtual Assistant might not be fruitful as no certification is going to guarantee competence. There has been a proliferation in recent years of disreputable and unqualified opportunists willing to “certify” anyone willing to pay.

8. Testimonials
Browse the testimonials on the company website. They give a fair idea about what the clients think about the particular Virtual Assistant. If the person writing a testimonial has left his contact details or the company name it authenticates the testimonials.

9. Trial
Posting a small job as a test is the best way to assure the perfect business partner for your organization. Just chose one particular task, and post a job for that one. You get a chance to establish a working relationship with the concerned. Alternatively you can also ask for some sample work to be emailed.

Finally the person you would choose will be representing you so weigh the prospect in all directions. Apart from someone who delivers good work, you need someone you can trust, someone who will be able to handle your requests, and someone who will do the job efficiently, on time, and preferably, with a smile and friendly word.