Does the idea of working with a person you can’t see standing next to you seems impossible? Well, we’re here to tell you that Virtual Assistants are the new ‘in’ phenomenon which is spreading across the country, one organization at a time. By hiring a VA, you don’t have to feel restricted to having to ‘make-do’ with local talent, but instead you now have a global platform of talent to choose from.

Why hire a virtual assistant at all?

  • Firstly, you’ll save plenty of time and money.
  • You don’t have to bother yourself with the hundred other little details that are a part of any start-up or full-fledged company, simply delegate work to your VA. You’ll find that you have plenty more time on your hands for the really useful stuff.
  • You don’ have to worry about which part of your office to give to your VA or invest in any office equipment either.
  • Imagine this- you only pay for the number of hours your VA works for and it does not include vacation time or sick leave.
  • Going through a lean time at work? No worries, you can hire the services of a virtual assistant on a needs-only basis, or depending on the duration of your project.

Here’s how you can have a great working relationship with your virtual assistant:

  • Be clear about what you expect your VA to deliver with regard to a project.
  • Fix each deadline or milestone beforehand so that there are no nasty surprises!
  • Decide on a time when you are available to answer any doubts your VA may have or when you are free to discuss any project developments.
  • Choose your mode of communication- phone, video chat, fax or emails.
  • Honesty pays- if you feel your VA isn’t delivering what you expected, it’s better to point this out to her and give her the necessary guidance.