Internet revolution has changed the business operations across the world. In the vast markets of different time zones, communication was a challenge. But with technologies like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communication processes are being redefined across the industry.

VOIP is the newest technology for transmitting voice messages over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Internet telephony as it is called converts the analog voice signal to the digital signals and translates the signal into IP packets. The steps are reversed at the recipient’s end.This simple procedure has turned out to be extremely beneficial to the companies across the world. It has reduced the cost of calls made through public switched telephone network (PSTN) manifold. Interaction with the international customers and clients is now at a mere cost of the internet.

VOIP has become a boon for the virtual assistants. Since virtual assistants work from a remote office their interaction with clients is a major expense. And many virtual assistants are individuals working from home trying to curtail maximum business expenses. Thus, VOIP has given a new dimension to communication especially in the virtual assistant industry.