iMacros is a software which helps in Browser automation and Data extraction very easily with the help of a few keystrokes. This saves us the tedious work we do in repetitive manner. Luckily this facility can be availed more easily through Chrome and Firefox Extensions.

iMacros lets us complete our repetitive tasks by recording our work in a macro and replaying them as and when required. Also known as Browser Automation, this plugin records our clicks and keystrokes in form of a program and runs it with a single click.

iMacro can be used to:

  • Fill out web forms (single or multi-page)
  • Visiting same sites every day
  • Remembering login details
  • Extract data in form of CSV file
  • Upload data from XML files
  • Including message confirmations
  • Search and extract text and images from websites

iMacro can run in the background while you are working on some other programs. This makes our work more efficient and saves our time which involves repetitive tasks. This plug-in creates the Macro in the form of text files which will be saved in bookmarks.


  • Extracting pricing data, changing through a formula and uploading to own site.
  • Updating own files with respect to timely changing online data.
  • Search and save potential customers
  • Monitoring search engine rankings
  • Collecting Company information
  • Continuous monitoring of e-commerce stores with reference to inventory.
  • Gather bookings for any type of resort, or area.
  • Scrap product images and descriptions


  1. Download and install Chrome extension from
  2. Go to chrome Menu > Extensions or type in the address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Click on settings for iMacro and edit general settings about where you want to dock your extension panel
  4. iMacro also makes and icon on the menu bar, which when clicked opens a popup panel in front of browser window
  5. To record a Macro, Go to Record Tab and Click Record
  6. From this moment the iMacro will start recording your actions.
  7. For the sake of example Go to
  8. You will notice that as you click and move further the macro panel is recording your keystrokes and writing them in the form of a code.
  9. Go to
  10. Go to
  11. Now click on Stop and Save on iMacro panel. This will save your macro as current.
  12. Rename your macro and exit
  13. Now restart the browser, click on iMacro icon and select your recently saved macro and click Play
  14. This will automatically open the sites you have saved yesterday.
  15. The same method can be used to create other complex tasks too.

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