recruitment_research2LinkedIn is a hot favourite with so many recruiters primarily because of the availability of a huge database of prospective employees on just one site. In fact, it may safe to add that gone are the days when recruiters used to log onto job sites, key in specific search terms and then sift through a number of resumes individually in the hope of finding that one employee who is an ideal fit for a job vacancy.

Like so many other job sites available online, LinkedIn too is not devoid of its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we take a close look at both:

The Benefits

  • LinkedIn allows members to post their resume online and also to give further details about any previous job position they may have had. This helps a recruiter obtain more in-depth details with regard to number of years a position has been held, areas of expertise as well as job responsibilities held.
  • Recommendations are very important when it comes to recruitment and the site allows other people in the same network to recommend a member as well. Just reading such feedback gives immense insight into the character behind a profile picture.
  • Updates by members also help to keep a recruiter updated about any important event such as a job change or new offer received etc.
  • The site allows people to contact each other freely once a person is accepted into the network and is a fantastic way to generate more leads.

The Disadvantages

  • There are billions of pr
    ofiles to go through and searching for those prospective employees who are genuinely interested in changing jobs can become very tedious.
  • Since the system works on accepting people into one’s network, it is also possible that people whose profiles you may be interested in may not accept you into their network list at all.
  • Since LinkedIn also promotes active marketing of a member’s qualifications, it is also possible that all the information highlighted in a person’s profile may also be untrue. Actual verification of a member’s credentials can only take place when job negotiations reach the next level or if an actual meeting is fixed.

At the end of the day, LinkedIn still presents a fantastic opportunity for hiring talent on a global scale.