It’s really our team members who make Virtual Clone the type of company it is. At Virtual Clone we believe in an Open culture where every idea, opinion and feedback is welcomed. We attract and nurture the most outstanding people in our organization. And that’s reason most of our team members have stayed with us since we started.

We believe in Self Managed Teams, where we encourage members to take the ownership of their work. Our idea behind this is to flatten hierarchy, improve idea sharing and to have a self directed environment. And of course we feel two heads are better than one because the more people that get involved, the easier it is to reach an agreement. This is where our ‘Two in a box approach’ comes.

While we want our employees to fulfill their potential, we know that there is a life outside Virtual clone too. That’s the reason we’ve created a flexible workplace that promotes family life, leisure and hobbies. We have company events that strengthen our professional as well as personal bonds.

Together as one team…. We have created VC Family..