Social networking today is more online then in person and it’s not surprising to note that the bridges between countries and physical distances between people melt in front of the Internet. Besides, the good interaction platform that all social networking sites provide, such sites have also become the best forum for finding and hiring new talent from across the world. Not only has searching for the best candidates become so much easier but geographical factors do not matter anymore.

On the flip side, since there are also millions of Internet users around the world, it is mostly always the ones who best market or showcase themselves who stand apart from the crowd. Take SkillPages ( for instance. Members are allowed to create individual profiles in order to present their skills and can do so through different mediums such as by posting photographs, videos or even status updates. Within 12 months of launch, there are more than 10 million profiles on SkillPages now.

For a recruiter, simply going through a person’s SkillPages profile alone would give ample insight into a jobseeker’s skills, qualifications, prior job experience and domain of expertise – all these being factors which are highly important while considering the merits of a jobseeker for any organization.

In addition, SkillPages makes it easier for jobseekers to find any job vacancies in their preferred location with ease. All they have to do is to click on the ‘Work Opportunities’ page and they can view any job adverts listed there. In fact, interested jobseekers can send a message directly to the listed recruiter thereby eliminating any time wasted in sending resumes back and forth.

Head-hunters are certain to the find the ‘Discover’ section quite interesting as well as there are many featured SkillPages to view. After viewing a page, recruiters can also send a message to the concerned member and initiate a conversation.

Overall, SkillPages is a big boon for recruiters irrespective of where they are from because the site itself is a massive pool of talent just waiting to be tapped. Searching for prospective job candidates is not only easier but the possibility of finding the right candidates is also much higher. SkillPages is probably the best forum for job opportunities on the Internet today.