Free High-Quality Images


Are you writing a blog for your website or designing an EDM for the client or preparing an online training for them and need the BEST image to support it, then we have the right website for you –

Unsplash has a vast collection of high quality images which are free to use and they call it “Do whatever you want to”.

It also has a chrome extension – Unsplash Instant. Each time you open a new tab, Unsplash Instant will show you a beautiful high-resolution Unsplash photo — free to download and use however you want.


On Pixabay you may discover and share images free of copyrights. Every image is released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain. You can duplicate, transform, distribute, and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking for consent or giving credits to the artist.

Map Locations

Scribble Maps:

Scribble Maps is the speedy and simple way to make and share custom maps, even without an account. Features include:

  • Generate widgets for embedding on your website or blog
  • Save jpegs (images) of your customs maps
  • Save in other formats such as KML/GPX/SHP/PDF
  • Pick from various providers including Google and Open Street Map
  • Permalink(s) for your maps to share.
  • Place over 2000 different markers.
  • Export your maps to Google My Maps and Google Earth.
  • Create custom styled maps.

Google Chrome Extension –

Time – Zones


Are you working with clients living in different TimeZones and feel confused what time it is there then we have this site – for you which shows the time difference of major countries in most user-friendly way.

Another way to know your client’s time is to add an additional clock in windows screen. This has been shared in previous tips


See how a site appears to the rest of the world along with the ping time – the roundtrip time to reach the site.

Photo Editing Tool


PickMonkey has all you can think of doing with images – photo editing, collage making, graphic designing.  It’s never been easier to feed your creative beast.